Lloyd Hoffman

President & CEO

Phone: (800) 749-1363 x4228

Lloyd Hoffman has been the Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Pro Tech since January 2016 and President since late December 2017. He joined the Company in 1991 as an accountant and was named Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration in 1999 and then held the position of Chief Financial Officer from 2002 through 2015. From 1987 to 1991, Mr. Hoffman was a partner at Software Concepts, Inc., a software developer, and was in charge of finance and administration. Mr. Hoffman has been a director since 2016.

Colleen McDonald

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (800) 749-1363 x4223

Colleen McDonald has been the Chief Financial Officer of the Company since January 2016. Ms. McDonald joined the Company’s accounting department in 1995 and was named Assistant Corporate Controller in 2002. She then held the position of Corporate Controller from 2003 until she became Chief Financial Officer in 2016.

Danny Montgomery

SVP of Manufacturing & Building Products

Phone: (229) 242-1931

Danny Montgomery is the Senior Vice President of Alpha Protech Building Products, Inc and Manufacturing for Alpha ProTech, Inc. Mr. Montgomery has 40 years manufacturing and sales experience in various plastic and polymer industries. Mr. Montgomery joined Alpha Protech in 1994 when the assests of Ludan Corp, a company he founded and managed, were aquired by Alpha Protech, Inc. Mr. Montgomery has been a director since 2007.